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Among all the multitude of Egyptian deities, the Egypt god Amon-Re was considered to be the king of the gods. While most Egyptian gods were 'born' at various points in the history of the Egyptian nation and many floated in and out of popularity, the Egypt god Amon-Re appears to have been present in the mythology and culture of the Egyptian people almost from the very inception of this complex and mysterious nation.

Originally, the Egypt god Amon-Re was known only as Amon, or Amen and sometimes Amun. Amon was often associated with such symbols as the ram, the goose and the bull.


The text following was copied from the website:
10 de maio de 2010 — Sun worship was exceptionally prevalent in ancient Egyptian religion. The earliest deities associated with the sun are Wadjet, Sekhmet, Hathor, Nut, Bast, Bat, and Menhit. First Hathor, and then Isis, give birth to and nurse Horus and Ra.

The Sun's movement across the sky represents a struggle between the Pharaoh's soul and an avatar of Osiris. The "solarisation" of several local gods (Hnum-Re, Min-Re, Amon-Re) reaches its peak in the period of the fifth dynasty.

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